Knowledge is not power but Knowledge cleverly applied is powerful

At Mindscape, we are particular about every driver of User Experience. Nothing is too small for consideration and every detail is important to carefully analyze and deliberate. As Management Consultants, we are very familiar with Corporate Objectives, KPIs and Profitability and having held management and marketing positions in various companies ourselves, we can appreciate how Business Owners, CEOs and CFOs think. That is why our Suite of Solutions are integrated and designed to fulfill Retention, Acquisition, Growth and Expansion objectives.

Mindscape's Complete Suite of Solutions

A primary goal of Mindscape is to help facilitate Customer behavior and human responses through the various services and solutions we provide. The four essential areas that matter to most companies appear here.

Customer Engagement Management + CRM

Customer Journey | Customer Experience & Relationships

Omni-channel & Multi-channel Strategies

Touchpoint Analysis, Optimization and Integration

Modeling Customer Acquisition, Retention, Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Organization & Service Processes


Web & Mobile Applications


Process Modelling

Back-end to Front-end IT Solutions & Integration

Brand + Marketing

Brand Audit

Brand Blueprint, Brand Roadmap & Brand Culture Conceptualization

Brand Communications

Marketing & Strategic Planning

Audits + Surveys
+ Data Analysis

Customer Experience Surveys (Qualitative & Quantitative) | Usage & Attitudes | Purchase Behavior

Database Management & Analysis

Customer Profiling & Segmentation

Purchase Data Analysis

Mystery Shop
Our Experience & Expertise

Our Consultants have deep skills experience having worked with Government agencies, MNCs and SMEs enhance their capabilities and achieve productivity goals. We help raise Brand, Product and Service profiles in very competitive categories using our proprietary SCAPE™ Strategic Planning Process, with qualitative and quantitative methodologies to capture and analyze information and data for implementation.

Our many projects attest to the high standards we meet that is expected of by the leading brands globally and locally.

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