Customer eXperience & User eXperience Specialists for SPRING CDG Grants and ICV Vouchers

Mindscape was started by its founding partners some 15 years ago with a single-minded focus on researching, analyzing and shaping human behavior to achieve desired outcomes. We are SPRING-approved TR 43:2015 Customer eXperience and User eXperience Consultants who help B2B and B2C companies enhance Customer offline and online experience at various Touchpoints. The success of any implementation, whether it be service improvement, change management, process flow improvements or technology implementation, is dependent on how well users can adapt to change and adopt new experiences.

Our strengths lie in our broad industry experience, knowledge, analytics and process management capabilities to effectively drive the 5pX Domains centered on People, Personality, Processes, Policies and Place, namely the Digital and Physical Environment. In any Organizational, Business or Marketing situation, these are actively dynamic domains that need to be effectively and efficiently framed and managed.

We work with companies to address their most demanding challenges, many of which are disruptive 'pain points'. Ultimately, we apply practical consultancy principles and IT solutions that facilitate business goals driven within these domains.
SPRING-approved TR 43:2015 Certified Management Consultants

We are pre-qualified to assist SMEs apply for CDG grants and ICV vouchers. As PMCs we clock over 1,000 project consulting hours every three years mandated by The Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council (SBACC), an independent national not-for-profit organization supported and recognized by SPRING, IE Singapore, IDA, WDA and other Government agencies.
Our Experience & Expertise

Our Consultants have deep skills experience having worked with Government agencies, MNCs and SMEs enhance their capabilities and achieve productivity goals. We help raise Brand, Product and Service profiles in very competitive categories using our proprietary SCAPE™ Strategic Planning Process, with qualitative and quantitative methodologies to capture and analyze information and data for implementation.

Our many projects attest to the high standards we meet that is expected of by the leading brands globally and locally.

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