Mindscape Management Consultants are well versed in the critical 5P domains of business.

As a
5P Specialist we have the experience and expertise to effectively manage the dynamic interaction between People, Personality, Processes, Policies and Place namely the Digital and Physical Environment. Our strengths are found in our insights into the behavioral and experiential dimensions of consumers, our analytical capabilities and IT know-how in integrating these five domains leading to enhanced Customer Engagement, Service delivery, higher Acquisition, greater Retention and strategic Brand Management. We help overcome the most complicated and demanding challenges and 'pain points' as we sometimes call them. We offer practical and effective consultancy and technology solutions to facilitate business goals driven within these domains. To fulfill Organizational, Business and Marketing objectives, this is important as even the company's best efforts and SOPs require a robust and strategic framework to facilitate the organization's way forward.

In key disciplines, Mindscape's principal consultant Isaac Tan received proprietary training in the New York and Chicago academies of MNCs he had worked in. He set up Mindscape in 2004 and since then has assisted various SMEs, mid-to-large companies and MNCs to enhance their capabilities and successfully fulfill their business and revenue KPIs.

Across industry the Brand, Product and Client responsibilities of our Consultants are varied and in-depth. What is shown here is by no means complete but it does provide a good snapshot of our years of experience and professionally high standards adhered to that are expected of by the world's leading brands and of meeting unique challenges that local organizations face.

For a private and confidential discussion on how Mindscape has worked with these brands enhance their organizational and customer objectives and how we can assist your company, please write directly to isaac@mindscape.com.sg or message 9003 7535

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