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This beautiful rendering by renowned Florida artist Rusty Rust features a majestic Bengal Tiger in a bamboo forest. Can you spot the Hidden Tiger?

The Hidden Tiger. The above picture shows the majestic Bengal Tiger.  There is also The Hidden Tiger. Can you spot it? It is in full view and yet well concealed. Some people can spot it immediately, while some others will take a little longer while some people don't see it at all.

What makes the human mind so amazing and interesting? Well, we see what we want to see, hear what we need to hear and think what we wish to think. Ever so often, our perception becomes our reality.

5P Domain Management Specialists. The 5Ps relate to People, Personality, Processes, Policies and Place namely the Digital and Physical Environment. In any Organizational, Business or Marketing situation, these domains are actively at work. Our expertise lies in our analytical abilities and processing capabilities in managing these five domains and overcoming the most complicated or demanding challenges or 'pain points' as we sometimes call them. Ultimately, we can offer practical and effective consultancy and IT solutions to facilitate business goals driven within these domains.

Certified Managements Consultants. As a SPRING approved Practicing Management Consultancy, we accumulated over 1,000 consulting hours every three years to meet stringent criteria set by The Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council (SBACC), an independent national not-for-profit organization that is supported and recognized by Government agencies such as SPRING Singapore, IE Singapore, IDA and the WDA. As such, we are pre-qualified to assist SMEs apply for CDG grants and ICV vouchers.

B2B and B2C Assistance Across all Industries. Mindscape has helped a number of blue chip organizations as well as Singapore-based B2B and B2C companies successfully enhance their business capability. We have also helped companies raise their Brand, Product and Service profiles in very competitive categories by employing our proprietary SCAPE™ Brand and Customer Engagement Process. We employ qualitative and quantitative methodologies to capture and analyze information and data. Our Credentials reference established companies and brands as well as upcoming ones that we have worked with and we look forward to extend our experience and expertise to your endeavors.

The Principal Consultant at Mindscape is Isaac Tan. Isaac has over 20 years in Customer Engagement and Relationship Management, Behavioral Research & Analysis, Marketing and Brand Management. He has helped Government agencies such as the Ministry of Home Affairs through to national-linked organizations such as DBS as well as various SMEs who have undergone CDG projects. These include Challenger, which was held up by Minister for Trade and Industry Mr S Iswaran as an exemplary example of successful innovation and change management, Han’s in their Customer engagement and productivity improvement efforts, Wellchem in branding and e-commerce, and DeskRight a leading stationer that was the featured SME 'Reshaping Customer Service With Digitisation' on SPRINGnews September 2016.

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